Using your Hematuria Detection sample in 3 easy steps

  • Spread

Spread the crystals over the litter and wait for your            cat to urinate.

  • Inspect

Inspect the litter box after your cat urinates. If the granules are WHITE or YELLOW, the test is negative. If they turn BLUE, the test is positive, showing the presence of blood in your cat’s urine

  • Consult

Contact your veterinarian to discuss your cat’s results and what you can do to maintain her health.

* Test results may vary based on conditions of use and other factors such as a cat’s diet and medication.

* Each test has its limitations, false positives, and false negatives. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed.

Results right at home

  • Test where your cat feels comfortable
  • Easy to add granules to your cat’s existing litter
  • Allows detection of microhematuria, which is blood invisible to the naked eye
  • Clear results within a few seconds of urination that remain visible for 48 hours

How to use

  • Use one whole packet when spreading into your cat’s litter box. Since each package includes two packets, be sure to seal the other packet in the original package to protect it from sunlight. The long shelf life of the product, two years in the sealed packaging, is also beneficial, and the granules remain effective for 30 days when placed on your cat’s litter.
  • The frequency of monitoring is based on the health of your cat. Talk to your veterinarian about any urinary concerns or behavior changes, and ask whether this home monitoring tool could be helpful when you are concerned.


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Royal Canin 法國皇家 - Blücare Hematuria Detection 家用血尿檢測工具 20g x 2 包 Royal Canin-Blücare Hematuria ...