French Patent Formula
It is composed of four double-chain quaternary ammonium salts, terpineol and rosin, which has the best killing effect on viruses, mycoplasma, bacteria and fungi that cause diseases.

Used in pet hospitals and disinfection of pet utensils. Can be sprayed,  soaked, fumigated. Routine disinfection is diluted by 1:100-1:200, and if epidemic occurs, it is diluted by 1:100.

Routine disinfection: 1:200 add 10ml TH4+ to 2 liters of water
Enteritis / Feline Leukopenia: 1:50 Add 10ml TH4+ to half a liter of water
Rabies / ringworm / feline leukocyte hyperplasia (blood cancer): 1:200 add 10ml TH4+ to 2 liters of water
Dog plague / kennel cough: 1:1000 add 5ml TH4+ to 5 liters of water

Avoid direct contact with the skin and eyes when using the original liquid. If you accidentally touch it, you should rinse thoroughly with water in time

Origin of goods: France


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