Signs of Poor Bladder Health
Frequent urination
Discomfort during urination
Blood in urine
Cloudy urine
Urination in the house
Passing little or no urine

Feeding Guidelines
Urinaid can be given as a treat, mixed with food as directed, or as advised by your vet.

Weight Recommendation
Under 10kg 1 tablet per day
10-19kg 1 1/2 tablets per day
20-29kg 2 tablets per day
Over 30kg 3 tablets per day

D-Mannose –an isomer of glucose, which can aid in the maintenance of a sterile urinary tract
Cranberry – contains proanthocyanidins (PACs) and has natural antioxidant, health promoting effects
Pomegranate – which has many health benefits including antioxidant activity
Ashwagandha – used in the traditional Ayurvedic medicine for its beneficial effect on many areas of the body, including the urinary tract


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